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Toddlers (2, 3, 4 and 5 day programs available Monday – Friday)

Must be 12 months old by August 31

Emphasis for this important year is placed on encouragement to explore both physically and socially. Separation from parents and caregivers will give toddlers the opportunity to enjoy a sense of classroom community. All classrooms are provided with stimulating toys, books and inviting centers for developing gross motor skills and soft cozy activities. During the day, they will enjoy art, indoor and outdoor activities, music, puzzles and plenty of time for playing with and making friends. Toddlers will participate in age appropriate activities for giving back to the community as well; creating art to share with others, exploring our community garden, and taking part in school wide community experiences. Toddler enrichment activities include music, movement and chapel.

Two year olds (2, 3, 4 and 5 day programs available Monday – Friday)

Must be two years old by August 31

Group play, learning to share, and mastering self-help skills are all part of this exciting second year. All classrooms are set up with engaging and enriching centers. Teachers will help the Twos class become successful with skills that include following classroom routines as well as learning to be part of a group. Centers are rich with materials that help this age group become creative and responsible members of the classroom. Their world expands as their coordination improves, their language skills progress, and they begin to interact more with their peers. Social growth is encouraged as children move from independent to cooperative play. Curriculum design is based on thematic units which strengthen cognitive abilities and language growth. Children will participate in school wide community outreach, exploring our community garden, creating art to share with others and other age appropriate ways of giving to the community. Two year olds enrichment activities include music, movement, Spanish and chapel.

Three year olds (3, 4 and 5 day programs available Monday – Friday)

Must be three years old by August 31

Growth in language development, the ability to distinguish real from imaginary, and expressing words about experiences are stressed in this third year of development. A word-rich environment is provided so that children begin to learn that words have meaning. Social interaction is encouraged to cooperate with friends and to take turns. They will begin to experience classroom structure—learning how to listen and follow simple directions and to work interactively with others both in large and small group dynamics. Cognitive development is enhanced as they gain name recognition, number recognition, and begin introductory work in math and science. The Three year olds learn about the community around them and what part they play in it. They will help plant in our community garden, begin an understanding of what it means to recycle, create art and crafts to be shared with others, and be an active participant in our school wide community giving. Three year olds enrichment activities include music, movement, Spanish and chapel.

Four year olds (4 and 5 day programs available Monday – Friday)

Must be four years old by August 31

The Four year old classroom invites children to discover their sense of creativity and independence. The children are introduced to learning early math skills, such as number recognition, one-to-one correspondence, and counting. They expand on their vocabulary through letter recognition, story time and beginning writing. They are taught basic science concepts about plants, animals, and nature. They are encouraged in building interpersonal social skills such as working cooperatively with other children and building respect for others. The curriculum serves as a readiness program for kindergarten. They will increase their awareness of the community surrounding them and their role in it. They begin to understand that giving back to the community has positive effects on those around them. The Four year olds will be active participants in our community- mindfulness by leading the school in our community outreach. Planting in our community garden, recycling, helping to create a friendly habitat for birds on our grounds, making items to share with people in the community, and taking part in all of our school wide community giving are just some of the things they will participate in. Four year old enrichment activities include; music, movement, Spanish and chapel.